1. Download the chrome extension for SSH (link)
  2. Login to the lab by typing “ssh
  3. then paste this “student@″


  1. To execute the program in the lab it is a must to remember few commands.
  2. File naming convention:
    • <last4digitofregistrationno>_firstname_programno.c
    • Like Registration No: 205237001, Name: Aakash Singh
    • File Name: 7001_aakash_01.c, 7001_aakash_02.c, 7001_aakash_03.c
  3. Create a file with the name and programno
    • To create a file an editor is a must to write programs. Here you will be having VI editor to use.
    • VI editor works in three modes, out of which you only need two to learn.
      • Insert Mode (enter by pressing ‘i‘)
      • Command Mode (enter by pressing ‘ESC‘)
    • Saving a file needs a command to execute. Like to save a file, first press ‘ESC‘ then type ‘:wq‘ (this will be visible in left down corner)
    • vi 7001_aakash_01.c -> (Press ‘i’)->(Write your program)->(Press ‘ESC‘)-><type ‘:wq‘)
  4. Edit a file: To edit a file simply type the same command vi 7001_aakash_01.c, if the is already present it will open the file otherwise it will create a new file.
  5. Execute a file
    • To execute a file
    • First Compile the file: gcc 7001_aakash_01.c -o 7001_aakash_01
    • if there is any error it will show it, otherwise run the following command.
    • Run the output file: ./7001_aakash_01
  6. See the output of the file
  7. For More Reference: See below screenshots-
Insert Mode and Writing a Program
Save and Quit after pressing ESC
gcc compiler file compile process and execution