case word in
      Statement(s) to be executed if pattern1 matches
      Statement(s) to be executed if pattern2 matches
      Statement(s) to be executed if pattern3 matches
     Default condition to be executed




case "$FRUIT" in
   "apple") echo "Apple pie is quite tasty." 
   "banana") echo "I like banana nut bread." 
   "kiwi") echo "New Zealand is famous for kiwi." 

Case Day Wise Decision Output

NOW=$(date +”%a”)
case $NOW in Mon) echo “Full backup”;;
Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri) echo “Partial backup”;;
Sat|Sun) echo “No backup”;;
*) ;;

Case Transport Mode

mode = “bike”;
case $mode in “sportscar”) echo “For $mode, rent is Rs.20 per k/m.”;;
“lorry”) echo “For $mode, rent is Rs.50 per k/m.”;;
“sumo”) echo “For $mode, rent is Rs.30 per k/m.”;;
“bicycle”) echo “For $mode, rent is Rs. 5 per k/m.”;;
*) echo “Sorry, I can not get a $mode rent for you!”;;

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